BB Walsh

BB Walsh is a children’s author of the Adventures and Misadventures of Nissa the Woodland Fairy series and women’s fiction author as Kyle Ann Robertson of Not So Little Secrets COMING SOON! She loves to share short stories of friends and family on her blog If Corks Could Talk. BB's a self-proclaimed "miniatures artisan" as she adores creating miniature scenes within unexpected items such as lanterns, cigar boxes, and birdcages. 


BB is a retired Physical Therapist Assistant with most of her education coming from raising her four children who are all out of college, happy in their own space and paying their own bills! She lives lakeside in Georgia with her husband and 14-year-old cockapoo, Reggie. She spends as much time as possible with her grandchildren, reading, and enjoying a glass of wine with friends and family. 

Mike Quinones G

Mike Quinones G is a multi-talented artist residing in Nashville, TN with his wife and two children. He works in illustration as a graphic artist, storyboard artist, editorial cartoonist, and designer. He is involved with local photography, fine arts, and film industries. Mike was born in Cartagena, Colombia and grew up in Miami where he worked as an artist since the age of 16 sketching caricatures for tourists and honing his skills as a fast artist. Mike went to Miami Dade Community College for film production but never lost his love for illustration.

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