My Adventures: A Sketch and Story Journal

As I wrote the Nissa the Woodland Fairy series and worked with illustrator Mike Quinones, we felt it was very important to inspire children to use their imaginations and creativity. My Adventures: A Sketch and Story Journals were created to encourage kids of all ages to express themselves by writing and drawing. Kids, write about and draw your summer experiences, weekend adventures, or holiday trips. You have endless amounts of stories. Moms and Dads, once your child's stories are written- whether real or imaginary- and their drawings are forever frozen in time, My Adventures: A Sketch and Story Journal makes a wonderful keepsake for you and a heartfelt gift for grandparents.

The early elementary journal has left side sketch paper and right side penmanship paper with a frame for sketching.

For older kids, the journal has a sketch area above wide ruled lined paper to capture their adventures.

Choose from six colors for each style and click on your choice to purchase from Amazon!

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Bullies Be Gone

Nissa the Woodland Fairy meets Darla the Dragonfly as together they overcome bullies.

Too Many Talents

Nissa keeps adding to her talent list, but in the end, she does what she does best.

Pixie Problems

Nissa is troubled by three pixies, but when they get stuck, they look to her for help.

The Perfect Pet

Nissa wants a pet. She soon learns she should have done her research.

The Not-So-Lucky Charm

Nissa finds a charm and thinks it’s hers to keep until she sees the little girls who lost it.

A Little Help, Helps a Lot

Nissa dismisses Mr. Ant when he offers to help. Little did she know how a little help can help a lot.

Nissa to the Rescue

Nissa has to think quickly to protect an injured baby bird as Darla looks for Baby Bird’s mother. 

Daisey's Bright Birthday

Nissa cannot see her tea so she invites more and more fireflies to light up Daisey’s Birthday.

Nissa Tells a Tale

Nissa tells a fib to her friends in the fairy court and hurts her best friend Darla's feelings.

The Best Christmas Tree Ever

Nissa looks for the best Christmas tree ever and realizes it was right there in front of her all along.

Activity Books

Nissa's Mom and Me Activity Book

Nissa has an all new activity book just for you!

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