May 1st- Nissa's birthday

May 1, 2018

            Today is a special day because it’s Nissa the Woodland Fairy’s Birthday, and the first of ten stories was uploaded to Amazon.   There’s still a lot of work to do to get Nissa ready for the world, but IT’S HAPPENING!

              Mike Quinones G and I met on a Children’s Book Facebook page and soon thereafter he found himself the illustrator of ten picture books about Nissa the Woodland fairy’s adventures and misadventures. When Mike first drew Nissa, I fell in love with her. Then came Darla, then Violette and Merigold and the rest of the fairies. Mike and I have been fortunate to test drive his pictures and my stories with my 4-year-old grandson Jackson. Jax had a few suggestions. In fact, whether he knew it or not, over the last year and a half, most of Nissa’s adventures were inspired by Jax. Jax wanted a pet for his dragon which is how THE PERFECT PET came about, he attempted to copy some of the talented kids performing on a TV show, hence, TOO MANY TALENTS. Jax found a charm (THE NOT-SO-LUCKY CHARM.) Jax and his younger brother Loch made Christmas trees out of pinecones (THE BEST CHRISTMAS TREE EVER.)

The 1st of May, also known as the Beltane, was once believed to be a time when the veil between our world and the fairy  world became thinner, so it’s befitting of Nissa to make her appearance today!

Writing the Nissa books has been a joy and finding an illustrator to bring her and her friends to life has made it all worthwhile!  More to come as we upload and post Nissa’s printed books and e-books. Oh yeah! Look for the coloring page in the back of the books. Color them and share them on Nissa’s Facebook page.



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