Book Launch at The Artful Giraffe

June 2nd was a hot day in the sun and a fun-filled day in the shade. Nissa The Woodland Fairy had her debut under a large shade tree surrounded by little girls with fairy wings, wands and flowered head rings. They searched for BB’s miniature gardens hidden around our host location, The Artful Giraffe in Sarasota, FL, which couldn’t have been more perfect for anyone who loves art and whimsy!

Mike Quinones, illustrator, brought his family and extended family to share the occasion, and my mom showed up with friends and family, too. Mike’s daughter brought face painting crayons. After weeks of practicing drawing Nissa, she graciously volunteered to draw Nissa on anyone who asked. And many people did! Isa drew the like of Nissa on several cheeks and arms.

One thing important to Mike and myself is involving the kids in the arts. Each of Nissa’s books encourages young children to color and share their artwork on BB’s FB page using hashtag #NissaColorMe for the color pages in the back of the books. Each of Nissa’s stories have an artwork prompt at the end. For example, Nissa meets her best friend Darla the Dragonfly in Bullies Be Goneso the picture prompt is to draw and picture of you and your best friend (of course, you can post a picture of you and your best friend if your parents don’t mind) and use the hashtag #NissaBFF.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of Nissa’s stories, sharing fairy wings for photo sessions on red polka dot mushroom stools, and encouraging creativity by supplying paints, color pencils and crayons for other upcoming events like the Lavender Festival on June 23rd at The Lavender Cottage and Garden in Sautee Nacoochee, GA (near Helen). Hope to see some of you there!

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