Lavender Festival

Saturday I participated in the Lavender Festival at The Lavender Cottage and Garden in Sautee Nacoochee Valley near Helen in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. It was a truly magical day. I made a Lavender Wand! I had never seen one before. I folded several stems of lavender right under the flowers and circled the stems around the flowers, then with a purple ribbon basket-weaved in and out of those stems covering the flowers. After that I wound the ribbon to the bottom of the stems, added a bow, and Voila- a perfect, fragrant wand.

Other booths offered local artists’ wares of all kinds. There were paintings, jewelry, inspirational signs, leather items, which smelled as good as the lavender, wood and glass, clothing, etc. The cottage served the most delightful lavender lemonade and cookies. There was a fan spritzing lavender water to refresh your face- more delight!!!

As for our booth, children enjoyed face painting (and arm painting and hand painting) by my niece Cat, story time and having pictures taken among the lavender in fairy wings with flowered head rings. The miniature gardens I made and brought were a big hit. High School photographer Katie was thrilled to take photos of the miniatures among the lavender. Catch her on Instagram @Kab.Photography.

My first sale was to a family who’s 6-month-old granddaughter was named Nyssa! I met a fun Columbian family (Mike, Nissa’s illustrator, is from Columbia!) and a Dutch family who’s going to write to Santa to see if he can send her the Nissa the Woodland Fairy Series for Christmas. Every family I met had a wonderful story. One family bought the set of books for their daughter to read on their way home to Oklahoma, a couple of teachers want to teach Nissa’s lessons in their classrooms… See, it couldn’t have been a better day.

The weather was perfect until, with a crack of thunder, the skies opened up and put an early end to our festivities. Rain or no rain, the people who attended showed honest interest in Nissa and her stories which made getting drenched while running back and forth to load up the car worth it and I’d do it again!

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